200 Squats Training Challenge

Already completed the hundred pushup challenge? Try challenging your lower body with the 200 squats training challenge. Gaining lower body strength is important for balance, posture, injury prevention and over all strength. Did you know the gluteus maximus is the largest muscle group in the body?

With this 200 squats training program, you can work up to doing 200 consecutive squats after only 6 weeks. It only takes a few minutes a week to build up your leg strength and steadily increase your squat reps.

You may already be able to do 200 squats with just your bodyweight. If you can, then start the program with dumbbell weights and build up to 200 with an appropriate weight. No matter where you starting point, you can use this squat program to challenge yourself and tone your butt and legs.

After you complete the 200 squats challenge, you can continue to with advanced squat workouts. You can also continue to challenge your body with different types of squats that you incorporate in to your workouts.

Why Do Squats?

If you only do one exercise for toning and making the entire body strong, it should be squats. Squats engage and contract every major muscle group in the body, as well as get your heart rate up.

After performing an intense squat reps workout, your body releases hormones which help you build muscle everywhere else in your body, including your arms, chest back, shoulders and abs.

Start the 200 Squats Challenge

All you have to do to get started is take the initial test. The initial test is simply to do as many consecutive squats as you can. Based on how many you can do, the pace is set for your progressive challenge. Get the 200 squats mobile app to track your progress on your smart phone.

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